The Maker Mindset

Peculiar Attributes of the Modern Day Inventor

What Will I Learn?

#1 What makes the maker

The upsides & pitfalls of 'the maker' characteristic are highlighted and how this leads to either consistently producing successful innovative solutions or a collection of dead projects & domain names.

#2 The modern maker vs. the traditional inventor

Tinkering, making things, scribbling, doodling, day-dreaming are all synonymous with "the maker", but this is a common trait of the traditional inventor. We discuss this in detail.

#3 Sustainable work as a maker

Proven tips, tricks and methods of creating a sustainable work ethic, meaningful projects and dependable income are suggested in this e-book.

The Author
Stephen Campbell

A successul maker who has lauched multiple profitable micro-saas, info-products and has been featured on Business Insider, Inside, Bubble, several podcasts and youtube interviews.

Through the discovery of "the maker mindset", I have moved from a burnt out, indebted employee to a purpose-filled, six (6) figure net worth entrepreneur in just under two (2) years through the use of no-code tools and content distribution. 

Sneak Peek

Highlights from a few of the chapters in The Maker Mindset.


What I will attempt to do is to establish a set of tendencies, character traits, and similarities amongst a particular sect of creative people who are widely called “makers”.

Arbitrary Ideas

The maker finds themselves in a conundrum of “What do I make?” because there are infinite possibilities.

Abundant Time

The possibility of a serendipitous outcome increases exponentially with a constant supply of abundant creative time. The maker needs this.

The Maverick

The maker cannot help but challenge the established way of how things have always been done. There is a healthy "I don't care" which leads to innovation and invention.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I get a refund?

    This is a digital asset. Once it gets into your hands, there's no way to retrieve it in exchange for money back.

    So as it stands, as long as we are in the pre-order period, you may receive a refund. 

    Once The Maker Mindset has been released, this becomes a non-refundable purchase.

    How long does it take to consume this?

    As a maker myself who truly values every ounce of my creative time and assume that you do too, I have designed this to be consumed in a fairly short period of time.

    You can devour this book in less than 3 hours uninterrupted.

    The audio is split up into the 7 chapters, each of which are approximately 20 minutes when read at a moderate pace. 

    Where can I follow your work daily?

    I am mainly sharing my thoughts, projects and ideas on LinkedIn and Twitter

    How can I reach to you fairly quickly?

    I respond fairly quickly to emails. You can send me an email at

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